How to print and play




All our games are formatted to print single-sided onto 1, 2 or 3 sheets of paper or card.




Print directly onto card, print onto paper and glue onto spare playing cards, or use card sleeves.




Your new microgame is ready to go. Read the rules, find a friend and start playing!

Print-and-play: It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Download the files for any game that you want to try, then print, cut and play. All the games use a maximum of 27 single-sided cards, which all fit on just a few sheets.


You can download the files for any game by clicking the ‘Cards & Rules’ button alongside the game’s description. Each package of files is a single ‘.zip’ archive, which your computer will automatically expand into a folder containing PDF files of the cards and rules.

Most games have a separate rules document in addition to the cards. The rules for a few games are so short that they fit onto the cards themselves, so there is no additional file.


You may need to download the Adobe Reader application to view and print the PDF files, although most systems will now handle these files automatically.

For convenience, all game packages contain two PDF files of the cards: one designed to be printed onto A4, and another for printing onto US Letter. Make sure when you print the file that the ‘Page scaling’ option is set to ‘None’. If your system does not have this setting, choose ‘Actual size’ or set the page scaling to 100%. This will ensure that the cards are printed at the ideal size.

You can either print directly onto thick card stock, or print onto paper. If you print onto paper and have some spare ‘Poker sized’ playing cards, you can either glue the cut paper onto the cards or use card sleeves to make a playable, durable game.

Additional components

For some games, you will need to find a few other components, such as counters, playing pieces or regular dice, plus perhaps a way to keep score.