Adam Taylor

Card & dice game

1 player • 5 minutes

Published 12/07/13 • Cards v1.0 • Rules v1.0

What you need

You need the 9 cards, plus 2 regular six‑sided dice and 3 tokens.

Take on the role of an aspiring artist, and seek the inspiration you need from the nine mythical Muses to create a work of art that is moving, important or lucrative (delete as preferred).

About the game

Muses is a quick and simple solitaire dice and card game. There’s no setup required and you can play through a full game in under five minutes. There is a significant element of luck in the game but you must make the right tactical choices to capitalise on your good fortune.

I don’t play solitaire games very often, but sometimes you only have a few spare minutes and would really like to scratch the gaming itch with the tactility of a physical game, rather than an electronic one.

I’d played a couple of solo games but usually found that the level of setup and administration required was not equal to the amount of enjoyment the game provided. So I set out to create a game with interesting choices for the solo player but with limited components and no setup: a game that you could just take out of your pocket and play on the train.

About the designer

Adam Taylor has been designing games, when life allows, for about four years and is still hooked on all things cardboard. He is currently self-publishing a series of dice-based print-and-play games through his own website, Print and Roll Games.

When not throwing dice and pushing cubes, he directs and lights amateur theatre productions and works in medical research training.