Bad Grandmas

Tony Boydell

Card & dice game

2 players • 10 minutes

Published 12/07/13 • Cards & Rules v1.0

What you need

You need the 16 cards, plus 1 regular six‑sided dice and a way to keep score.

Join the fray alongside Betty Criminal, Doris Karloff, Granny O’Tea and friends — all of them mad, bad and dangerous to know! — in this varicose game of vicious and vindictive old hags.

About the game

Bad Grandmas started life as a “thank you” gift for the development team of a project I was working on in the early 2000s. None of them were gamers and I wanted a simple ‘take that’ coffee-break filler with plenty of in-jokes.

The original theme was superheroes, with each character based on a team member. I left the job before I finished the game and decided to change it to nasty old ladies — imagine Mrs Brady of Viz! — but I did eventually put a version together for my old team-mates in 2011 when we had a reunion bash.

Anyone who takes this game seriously needs to go and get some perspective.

About the designer

Tony Boydell was born in 1967 and is still unable to come to terms with all that this implies. He has a large army of children and a shed with a lock on the inside of the door.

He’s an IT professional, but doesn’t let that intrude too much into the important business of game design. He enjoys wine gums, lamb tikka massala and writing a blog on BoardGameGeek, sometimes all at once.