Good Little Hunters

Brett J. Gilbert & Matthew Dunstan


Card game

2–5 players • 15–30 minutes

Published 29/08/17 • Cards v1.0 • Rules v1.0

What you need

You need the 26 cards, plus 5 tokens per player and 1 extra token.

Good Little Hunters is a game of risk, deduction & luck for 2–5 players.

Nature is a battleground. Food is scarce. And you will have to fight for survival! In each season, the larger animals may hunt the smaller ones, but the predators can easily miss their prey. Will your animals survive the season and come out on top of the food chain?

Each player controls a pack of five different animals, and in each season only a single pack can beat the competition and gain the one piece of food available, while the supply of the other packs will dwindle.

The game ends when one or more players end the season with no food remaining. Then, the player with the most food wins.

About the designers

Brett J. Gilbert is a professional board game designer, which is every bit as lucrative as you might imagine. His first published game, Divinare (Asmodee, 2012), was recommended by the 2013 Spiel des Jahres jury; a fact he mentions purely in passing.

Matthew Dunstan is a scientist and game designer living in Cambridge, UK (far away from his sunny homeland of Australia). His first published game, Relic Runners, is being released by Days of Wonder in September 2013.